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Somatic Movement Therapy and Education

The hand that touches is both a witness and a guiding light that brings awareness and consciousness to previously ignored regions of the body that have had no choice but to make their dis-ease known through symptoms. The first step in healing is to bear witness; to bring to conscious awareness without judgment.

- Felix Chancellor

Somatic Movement Therapy and Education uses deep listening skills, imagination  and hands-on techniques to guide simple movement sequences to manage stress, relieve pain, breathe more freely, improve posture, flexibility and coordination, and heal on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.


It is neither a massage nor physiotherapy, but rather an invitation for an individual to re-pattern outdated and toxic habits, which can sometimes become addictive, with the intention of relating to oneself, others and one's environment with greater amplitude and awareness. Emphasis is placed on attending to a client's fundamental health, rather than a specific pathology.


There are no protocols for sessions; Felix works improvisationally with the client in each session to uncover layers of movement, sensation, and understanding which will contribute positively to the integration of body, mind and spirit. A session typically includes hands-on work, movement observation, and discussion of anatomic principles. The client is requested to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and is invited to play an active role in the session.


Minors: Felix does work with children and teens and has found this work to be very beneficial for them in their emotional, intellectual and physical development. However, due to the intimate and tactile nature of this work, it is necessary that a parent or legal guardian be present and available during the session.


Duration: One hour


Location: Near Fabrica la Aurora. Address provided once session is scheduled.


Cost: $1,800 MXN per session


Scheduling a session: You can schedule a session by clicking here. Please read and understand the policies before registering for a session. Click here to see the policies page.

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