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Policies for Sessions



The standard fee for an in office one hour session is 1200 pesos. The standard online international fee is 100 USD for an hour session.


It is against my ethics to withhold therapy to those who cannot meet the full amount. We can speak and come to a mutually beneficial agreement if you believe that you cannot cover the standard fee.




I ask that when necessary, clients cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours in advance. Cancellations between 48 and 24 hours will incur a charge of 50% of the standard fee. Cancellations on the same day or no-shows will incur a full charge for a standard session.


Being Late


I allot a specific time frame to each client. If a client is late to the session there is no extension to the time frame allotted. If I am late for any reason, then the time I am late will be made up.




The session lasts for an hour.


The first session is an interview where the client sees if the therapist is appropriate for his or her needs and the therapist assesses whether or not he is able and willing to continue working with the client. This should in no way be taken as a measure of how "difficult" a person or case may be. There are many reasons why a therapist may feel uncomfortable with taking on a client and part of the profession is being able to identify and recognize these. Likewise, there are many reasons why a client may not feel comfortable working with a certain therapist. 


The first session is charged normally, regardless of whether or not the client and therapist decide to continue the therapy.


Unless there is a circumstance that makes it impossible for a client to leave their home (e.g: disability, injury, age, etc.), all psychotherapy sessions are held either at my office In Colonia Santa Cecilia around the Fabrica de la Aurora (inquire for specific directions).


Individual Dream Session


The session lasts for about an hour, but may stretch a bit further. It is also possible that a session may be shorter. This is entirely dictated by the dream itself.


Somatic Movement Therapy


The session lasts an hour. This space of time is what it takes to listen, explore, loosen, move and come to a resolution.

Depending on the issue, I often ask that the client commit to three sessions. There do exist one-time issues that can be resolved in a single session. T
here is also long-term ongoing therapy available. Sessions are generally spaced one week apart to allow the body to come to its own integration and resolution, unless there is a crisis which requires more frequency.


Client Confidentiality 

All of the standard rules, laws and practices for client confidentiality apply. No session shall ever be recorded by any means by the therapist, unless expressly asked to do so by the client, and then only for the duration stated by the client under the conditions given by the client and under the explicit knowledge of the client. The client may record the session at his/her discretion.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any further doubts or inquiries.

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