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Dreamwork Groups

Our dreams recover what the world forgets.

- James Hillman

Never formulaic, rarely immediately intelligible, often awkward, usually stunning and ever seeking to challenge our preconceived notions and ideas of our selves and our relation to the world around us, dreams offer us a near perfect mirror of our inner lives and help us to relate to the inner reaches of our souls, while offering us a language by which to view and engage with the world around us beyond the literal, the obvious and the concrete. 


Why: A deeper understanding of oneself, where one is here and now and the relations with ourselves and our universe.

Where: At participant's homes on a rotation.

Duration: Ongoing

Registration: Click here to register. Groups currently closed, if interested, please let me know and if there is enough interest a new group may be formed. 

Material: Writing material, curiosity and your dreams.

Cost: $200 MXN per session     


What: This work offers group exploration of dreams, their imagery, personages and conflicts through techniques such as deep listening, phenomenological description, active imagination and personification.


Who: Whether you are a therapist seeking further tools, a soul explorer searching for different perspectives or simply curious, all are welcome. What you know when you enter the room is of little importance, all that matters is what has changed when you walk out the door, so no one willing to learn is at a disadvantage. 

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