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The only person who will ever be able to heal you is yourself. Healing is neither a magic pill nor a passenger ride, rather it is more like a gate through which you must step that leads to a path that is yours alone to walk. The best healers and teachers can only act as guides through territory that, paradoxically enough, only you can know, but may have forgotten. Together, you rediscover new territory.

-Felix Chancellor

Therapeutic modalities are founded in the relation between the client and their story. This story can be expressed in many ways and can take on many masks: either consciously or unconsciously through emotional patterns, habits, thoughts, ideas and concepts or through movement patterns in the body, or else through dreams, just to name a key few. If you are wounded by an event that happened when you are a child, it is not that event in itself that is hurting you still, but rather your relation to it and the story around it to with which you are identified. 


I offer many modalities for healing, exploration and self-growth. In reality, any session is generally a combination of all the resources that I have available, which I am always seeking to expand. However, a specific focus is generally given depending on the needs of the client, if even the particular mix is tailored to the individual client. I offer the following modalities, please click on the titles to go to the respective page for more information:



If you are uncertain of which modality may work best for you, but are interested in therapy, please contact me so that we may have an initial interview session and together discover what would work best for you.

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