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Adolescent Psychotherapy

All we can do when we think of kids today is think of more hours of school, earlier age at the computer, and curfews. Who would want to grow up in that world?

- James Hillman

Though I work with many ages, I specialized in working with adolescents and their various particular themes and issues. Since my late teens, I have been working in counselling roles with teenagers in one form or another, starting as a volunteer art teacher and mentor at a juvenile detention center at the age of nineteen. Apart from a psychological understanding of the basic themes and patterns of adolescence, I am also able to form a strong rapport and alliance with this age group.


I offer a safe space where the client is free to express his or herself as he or she wishes to do so without any judgement. While at the same time exploring those aspects of his or her life that need attention and observation, allowing the client to grow and heal at his or her pace.


I begin with an interview session with the parents or guardians. This allows the parents to meet me and have their concerns addressed. This is followed by an interview session with the client alone where we meet each other and decide if we are comfortable working with one another. Both of these are regarded as standard sessions and are subject to the same policies and fees.


The session is conducted in a warm, intimate, safe and welcoming studio, which acts as the container for the work that is to be done. Myself and the client are seated face to face as equals.    


For more information on what Jungian-Archetypal Psychotherapy is and is not, who might and might not benefit, what issues may be explored and what outcomes may be expected, please read the Jungian-Archetypal Psychotherapy Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here.


For more information on my methodology, please refer to my general Psychotherapy page (click here).


I do not work psychotherapy sessions with young children as that requires training that I do not have. I do work with young children for Somatic Therapy Sessions. It is difficult and inappropriate to place a specific age limit as some children are more likely to take to this type of work than others at a younger age. Please contact me if you are interested in therapy for your child, but are unsure if he or she is at a suitable place for this kind of work. 


Duration: One hour.


Location: In Colonia Santa Cecilia around the Fabrica de la Aurora (inquire for specific directions).


Cost: $1200 MXN per session


Scheduling a session: You can schedule a session by clicking here. Please read and understand the Session Policies before scheduling a session. The policies can be seen here.

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