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Questions teach, answers indoctrinate.

- Felix Chancellor

Dreamwork Laboratory


What: Dreams are worked and explored in a group without symbolic or subjective interpretation. Click here for details. 

Why: A deeper understanding of oneself, where one is here and now and the relations with ourselves and our universe.

Duration: Ongoing

Registration: Click here to register.

Material: Writing material, curiosity and a dream.

Cost: $200 MXN per session     


Please contact for availability. 




Mythology and the Soul


What: Myths and their various personages are told and explored to great depth with a strong emphasis on how these relate to our day to day lives.

Click here for details. 

Why: Personal healing through understanding of one's personal myth and breaking the ego's identification with an outdated and potentially addictive story. A deep understanding of Ancient Greek Mythology and its key figures.

When: Every other Tuesday from  1 pm to 3 pm.

Where: Col. Guadiana. Please contact for information.

Duration: Ongoing

RegistrationClick here to register

Material: Click here for details.

Cost: $200 MXN per session  



What: Aikido is a non-competitive, traditional, Japanese martial art that is deeply rooted in a spiritual samurai tradition. Information for the Aikido classes are hosted on another website dedicated to this. Click here for details. 

Why: Aikido offers its practitioners discipline, flexibility, a healthy body and mind, clarity in tense situations, camaraderie, exercise, self-confidence and a path towards self-discovery, while still being an intense and effective form of self-defense. 

When: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday  7:30 - 9:00 pm

Where: Clínica Genecell, near Plaza La Luciérnaga. Click here.

Duration: Ongoing

RegistrationClick here for contact info.

Cost: $800 MXN per month.  


"Felix is the best narrator that I know. I have seen him teach Mythology, Art History, Psychology, Literature, even martial arts. Anyone who listens to him quickly becomes immersed in his tale. I think that the most notable thing about him is his incredible ability for expression, which allows him to communicate all types of ideas with ease and clarity to all types of audiences. His is not only a talent for transmitting; really it is one for listening and understanding. This is probably due to his great empathy and curiosity. His teaching proficiency is even more impressive when it is placed in conjunction with his deep mastery and enthusiasm of the subject matter that he teaches. Felix studies human nature, and his dedication to deepening and extending his understanding is extraordinary."


- Pablo Frank Bolton, Professor in Computer Science at The George Washington University 

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